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Dec 2, 2011

Carstensz Pyramid, the Highest Mountain in Australasia

Carstensz Pyramid 7 summit 600x337 Carstensz Pyramid, the Highest Mountain in Australasia
Carstensz Pyramid
For climbers, climb the range of Jayawijaya mountainous, Papua Province, Indonesia, is a dream. Why not, on the top of mountain, there is the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania called Puncak Jaya or most people called Carstensz Pyramid.
If you think that in the tropics will not find snow-covered mountains, you can rectify that assumption after visit to Cartensz Pyramid. Cartensz Pyramid altitude of 4884 m above sea level (asl), allowing this area covered by permanent snow.
Not only because of tropical snow-capped peaks, don’t be surprised if the top climbers are competing to climb it is highest peak in Australasia because of the uniqueness and save a lot of challenges. In addition known as Puncak Jaya, the highest peak is better known as Carstensz Pyramide taken from an adventurer from the Netherlands, namely in Jan Carstensz, who first saw the snowy mountain peaks in the tropics.
The observation was made by Jan Carstensz through an ocean liner in 1623. Because it can’t be proved by direct observation, the report was considered ridiculous. Because for Europeans, found the snowy mountains in tropical soil is something that is almost impossible. Truth revealed Carstensz report after nearly three hundred years later, when in 1899 a Dutch expedition to make a map of the island of Papua and found the snow-covered mountain peaks as reported by the Carstensz. To honor the Carstensz, the mountaintop is then given the name of Carstensz Pyramid. While the term “Puncak Jayawijaya” is giving by President Sukarno after successfully embrace the sovereignty of West Papua from the Dutch.
The first climbers to conquer ever recorded the Carstensz Pyramid is an expedition team led by Heinrich Harrer in 1962. Heinrich Harrer was an accomplished climber and author of a veteran. After Heinrich Harrer conquer the peak, from Indonesia following a successful expedition to reach the summit. Expedition led by Lieutenant Colonel Hamid Azwar successfully achieve Cartensz Pyramid in 1964.
Jayawijaya Mountain is known as one of the world’s seven summit. Therefore, peak climbing as high as 4884 meters above sea level represents the ideals of a true climber, let alone climbing into the Puncak Jaya is the conquest of the snow-covered mountain. Various obstacles that are presented in climbing, such as the rugged natural conditions, very cold temperatures, high winds and rain, and the lack of oxygen at altitude areas is a challenge that must be conquered by the climbers. Puncak Jayawijaya is one of the snowy mountain peaks that exist at the crossing of the equator, in addition to the mountains in Africa and Latin America.
If viewed from the air, Cartensz Pyramid looks like a black carpet covered by a white hood. If the sun was bright, the snow will reflect light the dazzling sun.
Puncak Jaya 600x337 Carstensz Pyramid, the Highest Mountain in Australasia
Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid
Carstensz Pyramid Carstensz Pyramid, the Highest Mountain in Australasia
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