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by : BTF

Dec 2, 2011

Top 3 Blog Name Generators

Due to the ever increasing number of blogs it’s getting very hard to find the proper blog name. Finding a good b log name has become very difficult. As a result many people are offering creative domain suggestion services. They usually charge a few hundred dollars for a well researched and attractive domain name. What if you can get a free blog names generator? You will not only save hundreds of dollars, but also get freedom to choose the best name.
Here are the top 3 blog name generators. I have already used them and registered a handful of domains. I hope you find these website name generators useful!
Blog Name Generator
1. Wordoid
From the name of this service itself, you can get the blog names it will suggest. Wordoid combines multiple words, it uses various languages to give the perfect blog name. Wordoids are made-up words in short. They are good to hear, good to say and good for naming services or for branding. It can make awesome blog names using English, Spanish, French and more languages. You can also set the max domain length if you wish to get a short domain name for your blog.
2. Online Generator
Here you have no choices or options. You just keep on pressing a button and good domain name suggestions keep on coming up. The first names this blog name generator service suggested me were, faxlax, statcane, etc. The words are good to speak and look creative too! I highly recommend this blog name maker service.
3. Gzzt
Gzzt comes with two options – Funky and Formal. You just have to choose one of them and click on generate name button. With each click it will give you two blog titles and if you like them you can search for them on domain registration sites and if they are available YOU ARE LUCKY!
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