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by : BTF

Dec 5, 2011

This is an SEO Tips to get Found by Google

There are several parts on your website that can be altered to boost your online visibility to search engines. Let's start with the items that can be seen with the eye.

Visible On Page SEO are parts of your site to optimize that you can see. These can be put in by you if you built your site, if you have access to a content management software by your developer or you can tell the person developing your site to do this for you.

THE PAGE TITLE is the very top bar of your web browser right next to the browser logo. This should say exactly what your site is. You can make it a phrase or a complete sentence. Just make sure it is stating exactly what your site is about.

URL or your web address should be very clear as to what type of company or site you are.

with H1, H2, H3 HTML tags are seen by search engines as more important than the other content.

HTML tags are seen by search engines as the most important thing on your site. Make sure whoever builds your site enters them in so that the search engine can pick them up.

Page text is somewhat important, make it relevant and be careful which words you italicize or bold - be choosy.

Even if your website looks good the eye, search engines may see it differently. You need to plug certain clues into your site to make it stand out to the search enging and help them understand the main point and type of site you have. People can then find you site based on what you really want them to find rather than being misguided. You need to make sure you use the right keywords in the page content. Your page title needs to be short and use the right keywords. You need to use the same keywords in the H1, H2 and H3 tags on the page as well, and if you can, put the keywords into the URL or your web address name.

Invisible On Page SEO are parts of your site to optimize that you can't see, but search engines can.

Description - When building your site you should inclued a brief description what your company is about or what your site is used for.

Keywords -These are designated in your site's HTML code, keywords give search engines a general idea about the content of your site.

Any one of these tips if done alone will not really have much affect on your searchability, but if done correctly the combination of them will make all the difference.
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