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by : BTF

Dec 14, 2011

How to interview well

How to interview well is something most of the job seekers never learn in their life. People believe that once they have studied at the right school, accounted for few years of professional experience and read the news on the company website, they already know how to interview well.
However, this is as far from truth as it only can be. To interview well is not only about being the right match for the job. It is more about understanding what the other person expects from you and how to make him enthusiastic about you in the interview. In fact, how to interview well is not that easy at all to be honest.
Firstly, you have to pay attention to things that are well known among the job seekers (although just the minority does it). Let’s have a look at it:
  • Have a good sleep and a good meal before the interview – it is important to be physically ready. Only if you feel good and all your needs are satisfied, you will be able to concentrate fully on the interview.
  • Choose the appropriate interview attire – it is important to dress like you were going to the job, and simply represent someone working on a role you want to get.
  • To be armed with information about the company, mostly it’s visions, goals coupled with achievements and history.
  • Check some common interview questions and answers, so you will be better prepared for the interview.
But this is just the very beginning and not the answer to the question how to interview well. Well is the synonym to the best, isn’t it? So how to interview really well?
  • You should come to the interview room full of energy, enthusiasm and motivation. The energy must be sparkling from your body, there must be this sparkle in your eyes. From the first moment they must see and feel your determination and enthusiasm about the job.
  • You should be the best communication partner the interviewer has met in last couple of months. Listen carefully to what he is talking. Give him lots of questions to the point. Smile and look into his eyes. Let him to lead the meeting and to feel important. That’s the way he will like you as his colleague.
  • Do not waste time of anyone. Speak to the point, speak about the job and things that are relevant. Do not waste neither yours, nor recruiters time. People who waste someone’s time in the interview, will also waste time in work! Just think about it.
  • Follow up your job interview. Once you left the room, the interview is not finished yet. To send a follow up email or thank you note is going to take you five minutes. But the difference it can make for you at the end of the day is significant. Make them to remember you!
How to interview well is something most people will never learn. But that is good for you. That is good for people like you who read this article and take action. Interview well and get the job!
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